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New Moon - Saturday, April 18

fiery time, a bit restless, calls us to move into our next step

Some of our favorite insights come from above!
The New Moon is Saturday April 18 at 12:56 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

It is fiery time, very action oriented, a bit restless, and calls us to move into our next step, whatever that is, with power and energy. Make sure not to focus so much on what is leaving your life unless you are doing a real completion process. Focus instead on the new that is manifesting and anchor it in some way.

There is a deciduous oak tree that grows in Northern New Mexico that holds on to its dead leaves until spring when the new leaves push the dead ones out with their growth. I always hold on to that image as it illustrates how putting energy into the new growth will automatically and without effort push out the old.

Watch for impulsive reactions on this day especially if they are negative ones that may pull you into argument or conflict. Refocus as quickly as possible on the passion of creating  your next step and planting the seeds of your creative ideas. If you are around others during this time intend that it will be nothing but a very supportive experience.



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