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Connecting to Like-minded Others

creating the conditions for emergence

At the core of collaboration, community self-organizing and transformation is an important energy - emergence. Looking for, seeking what is emerging has been the "agenda" of programs at the Fusion Foundation. The latest initiative of the Fusion Foundation, and now what is being referred to as the "cultural movement," Buffalo Gals is a prime example of a emergent community of practice developing into a self-organizing network.
The Kosmos Journal is unique journalism, providing insight and opportunity for shifts in perception and awakenings, for collaboration and conversation. This summer, an article was presented regarding the topic of emergence. The preceding excerpt briefly highlights an insight we have seen with the development of Buffalo Gals.
It is important to note that emergence always results in a powerful system that has many more capacities than could ever be predicted by analyzing the individual parts. We see this in the behavior of hive insects such as bees and termites. Individual ants possess none of the intelligence or skills that are in the hive. No matter how intently scientists study the behavior of individual ants, they can never see the behavior of the hive. Yet once the hive forms, each ant acts with the intelligence and skillfulness of the whole. 
This aspect of emergence has profound implications for social entrepreneurs. Instead of developing them individually as leaders and skillful practitioners, we would do better to connect them to like-minded others and create the conditions for emergence. The skills and capacities needed by them will be found in the system that emerges, not in better training programs. (except from: Lifecycle of Emergence: Using Emergence to Take Social Innovation to ScaleBy Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze)
Buffalo Gals founders are witnessing a new birth and energy emerging from the monthly gatherings. A new language and nomenclature, a new conversation about what it means to be a strong and powerful gal in our home, work environment and community. Join us for this ongoing discovery.
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