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Callie Tysdal

Buffalo Gals proudly presents our eighth of nine speakers for Celebrate Our Legacy, 2016 International Women's Day Conference.

Callie Tysdal is regional geographer with a passion for studying the shifting futures of rapidly urbanizing but historically rural places. Callie spent her childhood as one of only one hundred residents of Vale, South Dakota. At 16, she left the state to spend a year working full time as a Congressional Page in the U.S. House of Representatives. She went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree with honors in Geography and Art History from Macalester College in Saint Paul. While at Macalester she spent a semester studying in Florence, Italy and London.
After graduating, Callie journeyed to Seoul’s largest satellite city, Yongin, to teach kindergarten and elementary English at a Korean Haegwon. A data miner for the South Dakota Dashboard and project coordinator of the Black Hills Knowledge Network, Callie currently spends her working hours aggregating and disseminating local news, digital archive collections, and statewide data. Throughout her fledgling career, Callie’s focus has been fixed on western South Dakota. She has authored and presented work on the importance of the Red Cloud Indian Art Show and the revitalization of downtown Rapid City.
In her spare time, Callie volunteers with the Teaching Artist Program with the Rapid City Arts Council, is a Rushmore Rotary Club member, and works part time at the Legendary Buffalo Chip to help coordinate their annual Freedom Celebration to honor all those who have served or are serving in the U.S. Military.

The March 4th International Women’s Day Celebration and Conference, hosted by the Buffalo Gals is a launch pad to initiate and invigorate a community conversation and collaboration with multiple community organizations, corporations, private businesses and dedicated individuals. Participants in this ground-breaking event will be inspired by a slate of speakers, and will be called upon to act as a force for change in our community, tackling the issues identified in breakout sessions. Your generous support in this inaugural event is crucial to build the foundation of this on-going mission of community involvement led by women with guts, grit and grace.

Why March 4th – March 4th is the only verb “march forth” in the calendar. We believe it is time for collaboration and want to make this date an action date!

As we kick off this new year —we are calling on our community to champion women. We are dedicating that mission as one of a top priority in 2016!

Celebrate Our Legacy is a community collaboration with women’s organizations and initiatives through the region. The Conference will include a ceremony honoring women veterans, Girl Scouts Women of Distinction Award presentation, 9 Dynamic speakers addressing our past, present and future, live entertainment by the renowned internationally acclaimed performer Orgena Rose, lunch, dinner and an evening concert, and a travel and accommodation to support women traveling from rural areas.

When you get 400 women in a room to connect, to share, to be inspired - something magical happens. This is an event you do NOT want to miss!

We hope we can count on you to choose to champion women in 2016

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