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Buffalo Gals - Child Care

Venture Kids University offering child care during monthly Round-Up

"With growth comes great possibilities! It is our pleasure to announce that Buffalo Gals in coordination with Venture Kids University will begin offering childcare during monthly Buffalo Gal Round-Up's!
Buffalo Gals understand the demands of work, family, and the love for Buffalo Gals. So, we have a generous opportunity for you! Venture Kids University, a new state of the art daycare/preschool, owned by one of the Buffalo Gals, will be offering childcare during Buffalo Gal Round-up's.
How do you sign up? Simply call 208-kids and tell them you are signing up for Buffalo Gals adventure night. Reserve your child spot with their name, age and your phone number. Care will be provided from 5-8 p.m. the night of the Round-Up. A suggested donation of $10 for a few hours of fun and activities will be gratefully accepted. Proceeds will go to the childcare staff and Buffalo Girls events."
Venture Kids University is located at 1331 East North St, right next to On The Border.
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