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Buffalo Gals August Round-up

at Suzie Capp Art Center!

Oh Buffalo Gals won't you come out and play with us at our August Round-Up!
Join us at the Suzie Cappa Art Center for food, beverages and excitement.
We will be creating some artwork with local artists and then we will auction the pieces off that evening!  
Exploring local art is a great way to take the pulse of our community. It shows us what is right with the world as well as the areas which may need our attention and love. 
Bring your gal pals - this is going to be fun!
Questions - reach out to annie annie 

RSVP here!
Buffalo Gals - Gals with ~ Grit, Guts and Grace. We draw on the pioneering spirit of the Gals whose shoulders we stand on, moving opportunities for a better way forward! 
We have vision, persistence and tenacity. 
We are committed to taking care of one another, standing up for one another, supporting our dreams hopes and goals! 
Buffalo Gals is committed to inspiring a culture of excellence. We are gals from all walks of life; moms, teachers, social workers, doctors, business owners, attorneys, photographers, designers - it is an experience you want to be a part of!
#BuffaloGals @BuffaloGals-BH
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