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Being a Champion

a champion is comfortable in being uncomfortable

We hear many word of wisdom on what it takes to be a leader, Buffalo Gals believe it might be more natural to be a great champion!
Being appointed, anointed or assigned a role as leader doesn’t always make a great champion. However, human beings who choose to be great champions tend to be respected leaders.
To take up a challenge to be a champion of others requires a few ingredients:
A willingness to be grateful;
A willingness to look for opportunities;
A willingness to provide positive feedback to another;
A willingness to be gracious, honorable and have integrity;
A willingness to be comfortable in being uncomfortable.
A champion knows the value of being part of team, their actions represent their appreciation for their team members. 
A champion cheers their team members on.
A champion shows and and does what they say they will do.
A champion looks for the opportunities to cheer successes and learn from challenges.
A champion seeks to find the road forward instead finding someone to blame for perceived failures.
A champion finds joy in the success of their friends, family and community members.
A champion is willing to be comfortable in being uncomfortable!
Who are you championing today?
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